The Dryland Tourist



Dryland Tourist  or as Jamaicans say Drylan’ Touris’  is a term often used to describe a person who behaves like a foreigner in their own country. Sometimes it’s used because of  the way one dresses or if they possess an adventurous spirit. I have often been labeled a Drylan’ Touris’ due to my adventurous spirit and my passion for exploring my country. Despite the fact that I often work 12 hour days, my friends are of  the impression that I’m always on  vacation.  Truth be told , I am always planning my next trip.

The Dryland Tourist is a travel blog featuring places, activities and events in Jamaica.

Over the last few years I have helped scores of people across the globe, plan their travels to Jamaica. I have also helped friends to organize staycations (Vacations at home). The blog offers visitors to Jamaica an insider’s view of the island whilst encouraging locals to explore their country more. For more information on The Dryland Tourist ,visit .