My National Day of Writing!


October 20th marked the National Day of Writing (according to twitter). Well it’s October 21, a day later but I’m still using it as a reason to post my first blog on Janeen Writes. I recently made some changes to my website and decided to add a blog to my portfolio site (as if  The Dryland Tourist isn’t enough work already). Listen to the reasonings of my crazy and overactive brain :

  • I have more to say than what I typically post on The Dryland Tourist. Although my every other thought revolves around travel, I want an alternate creative forum. “Janeen Writes” doesn’t box me into anyone category .free


  • This blog will allow me to share my thoughts, knowledge, views and experience with other writers especially those who continue to label themselves as aspiring writers. It has always boggled my mind how one can be an “aspiring writer”.
Photo from Huffington Post
Photo from Huffington Post

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, one does not aspire to write, the way sleep deprived med students spend years aspiring to be doctors. Being a writer is as simple as putting your pen on a piece of paper and writing or filling up that blank white screen with the scattered thoughts of your brain. Thoughts that don’t always make sense but it is still writing. On the other hand being a great writer is a completely different story especially one that is published and gets compensated during the process. That is what writers can aspire to, although an astonishing number of successful writers rarely believe that they are great.  To get back to my point I want to build a community that will empower others to pursue their passion for the written word and figure out the business of writing , whilst I embark on the same journey.

  • Finally and most importantly this blog is for that editor or business owner that at some point in my life I have pitched an idea to , may be wondering who is this Jamaican girl that wants me to trust her with a gig?  1616ea979f717bee677a0ace203acc0cYou know yourselves. Welcome, have a seat. Would you like a drink? Maybe you need someone to inform and entertain your audience escape in 1000 words or less? Call me! Well the sad truth is during this fast paced digital era if you can’t grab someone’s attention within 5 seconds no one will care who you are much less give you a cheque in the hopes that you can produce something remotely interesting. My mustard seed faith still allows me to entertain the idea that National Geographic and Condé Nast editors and Adam Stewart will one day have me on speed dial when  I figure out how to burst through those Kardashian news alerts or compete with the rockstar travel blogging Nomads or  those annoyingly cute cat and baby videos (SEO anyone?).

Anyway if you made it to the end of my banter and shameless screams to  HIRE ME then bless your hearts. I appreciate you, please come again. Follow, Like , Subscribe , Tweet, Share or just shoot me an email.